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September, 2017

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The Burgeoning World Of Indepedent Book Publishing

Book publishing

If you’ve always felt that your life story was one worth sharing with the masses (or the sort to conjure up entire fantastical worlds in your imagination), you’ve likely daydreamed about writing a book someday. The will to do so often presents itself, but several stumbling books tend to follow. First of all, merely knowing how to get started presents a whole world of challenges. … Read the rest

Where To Find Companies That Can Paint Playground Surfaces

Playground Surfaces

Although many people will try to find different types of playground equipment that kids can play on, you might want to consider using the asphalt or concrete at your facility and simply have playground surfaces painted. It’s a great way to help kids focus on playing games such as hopscotch, skipping, and games that involve rubber balls. You will need to find a company that … Read the rest