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5 Web design mistakes that absolutely destroy SEO progress


It is not a good idea to create a website that cannot entice prospective visitors or already existing customers. If you are planning to use a digital marketing approach along with your search engine optimisation practices, it imperative to avoid certain common mistakes. If you would like to benefit from professional SEO, check out SEO Liverpool.

Avoid Unwanted Links When Redesigning:

Your search engine optimisation visibility may be affected or compromised when changing the URLs linked to the main website. To avoid altering the entire structure of your website, it is expedient to consider introducing unwanted links or URLs. If you have several backlinks and a lot of keywords to rank on search engines, ensure to always consider changing the URLs that link to your website. This is because any mistake you make by changing these links may backfire on your SEO practices.

Take Mobile Users Into Consideration:

As the world is currently experiencing a quick change in technology, people are now using their mobile devices to browse the internet for products, services and items than on computers. For SEO, it implies that mobile users will leave your website quickly than anticipated if the site fails to load in an ephemeral of time. On this note, it is important to design a website that can be accessible on mobile devices such as a tablet, iPad or iPhone. If your newly designed website is mobile responsive, you will end up having more traffic and conversions as expected. It will also help your website to rank high on search engines and other marketplaces.

Not Complying With The W3C Standards:

W3C standards remain a given set of programming rules that help to create a regulated industry standard. It is used to determine what programming languages are accepted as good or improper. When creating your website, it is important to have these coding rules in mind. Search engines usually make use of these rules to check for relevant information on websites. In a nutshell, W3C standards are also equivalent to SEO practice rules. When your website does not comply with the W3C standards, chances are you will not get more traffic. In some instances, your website may not even record any visitor activity. This is also applicable to SEO because websites with W3C standards will not experience any regular check.

Considering Visual Appeal Over Website Performance:

When your website is highly functional and appealing, it will always attract new visitors and retain old clients. Irrespective of the compelling features of your website, if it is difficult to find, then more visitors will leave without coming back. Currently, prospective visitors are not patient when it comes to visiting a website that is not functioning or has poor navigation features. Apart from negatively affecting the bounce rate of your website, your SEO ranking may also drop.

Absence Of A Navigation Feature:

It should be one of your most considerable priorities to have a top-notch and functioning website navigation menu. It will help rank the pages on your website that need a quick attention effectively. In fact, not having a good navigation menu will prevent some visitors to check out certain important content you already have on your website. On this note, when designing a website, it is a good idea to always consider the navigation menu.