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Consultants for Strategic Planning Systems


Consultant is a very important profession in business for various industries. In general, the type of work as a consultant has much to do with sales marketing and business development.

Consultant becomes important because it is the spearhead of the company, because consultant who is dealing directly with the customer, the consultant should be equipped with good knowledge about the product to be presented and about the company he represents, usually the minimum training for a consultant is 3 months before he is ready to deal with the customer.

Every tm1 consultant must have integrity and passionate, because the consultant is a profession, so a consultant must be loyal to his profession, in addition to the knowledge of the product and the company, a consultant must also have good attitude such as friendly, sociable, empathy and one very important thing that is a smile.

When a consultant meets with the customer, a consultant should hear what the customer wants, the reason why customer comes to meet with him and what advice the customer needs.Consultant is expected to provide explanation about the planning, strategy and problem solving in building business with customer, for that consultant must have a broad insight.

 There are 2 types of consultants,

  1. Internal consultant who is usually a permanent employee of a company that represents the company as a customer.
  2. External Consultant, is a professional consultant who performs work in a certain time only or temporary, its usual fee based on the task, things like consultant in the field of law, travel etc.

Some industries will require prospective consultants to have professional certification related to the code of ethics, even after the consultant has certification, they must also attend a minimum of time for the course.

In the world of management, there are several reasons why the company need a TM1 consultant, especially if the consultant is mainly external consultant, because the external consultant has more experience to give direction to the company how to achieve the desired goal and how to face the problems that may exist.

TM1 Consultants are not only individuals but can also be a company or association, for example a property agent company, their business is providing advice to buyers or sellers of property, property agent company is acting as a consultant, while individuals who help customers also called consultant.

Consultant from the medical industry is different, a physician is a health consultant for his customer, but the physician acts on his personal behalf because he has a doctor’s certification, the job the doctor is to analyze and advise his customers what should be done.

One thing that all consultant have to understand that consultant has no right to make a decision for the customer, let the customer or the company decide their decision.