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How to transport frozen food for big business events?

frozen food courier

On the market today, there are a lot of products that need to be kept at a low temperature for them to maintain their quality and their functionality’.

This is why there is a need for a frozen food courier.

It is not enough to have a storage which is able to maintain a below zero temperature inside if the transport that you hire can only keep the temperature around the temperature that is outside. Let’s say that this might not be such a big problem in the cold season, but in the summer, this thing can ruin an entire business.

From ice cream to frozen meat, frozen vegetables and much else, there is plenty of food that need to be kept at a freezing temperature for it to be still consumable. If we are doing an imagination exercise, we can say that in the summer there is at least a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, in the air, outside. If we add to that the temperature that is added by a classical van that transports food, without any additional temperature features, we may reach a value near 25-27 degrees. Now let’s put in that van a load of ice cream.

How far can the van go until the ice cream is melted? Not far, because the temperature will liquefy it.

A frozen food courier is offering different dimensions vans, which have a freezing installation, special, for transports like the one presented above, included. Usually, the temperature of the van can be configured depending on the wishes of the client and on the requirements of the delivered product. This system makes sure that the food inside the van will not reach a certain value of temperature and that, at the destination, it will still be in the same condition.

Frozen food courier is a pretty profitable business, and there are few such services on the market nowadays. Even if the pool is not so large, we can choose the most capable frozen food courier, in order to be sure that our products are kept safe and of the highest quality.

A frozen food courier should be able to let the client know, at any time, the state of the refrigerator that he is carrying, meaning the temperature, and his position. This way, a client is always in contact with the state of his order, and if something happens, he can take the best decision, as he is announced in real time.