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Most cost-effective building material for partition walls


The fashion for completely open-plan offices was short-lived because it soon became clear that employees were simply not happy working in a wide-open space with no walls at all. Where managers were in the open office it made any disciplinary or private conversations impossible and if they did have a closed in office it tended to create a feeling of exclusion. On the other hand, employees did like the feeling of light and space so it was important to try and keep that in any new workplace design. Some of the reasons why you should go for office glass partitions are:

 Light and bright

Office glass partitions are the answer to keeping the workplace light and making sure that the desk at the window is not the only place where an employee was happy. Artificial lighting is obviously still necessary on dark days but where it can be done without people are generally much happier in their work and there are less depression and days lost because of indeterminate sickness. Working to the varying light levels throughout the day without recourse to artificial light – especially the dreaded flicker of a strip – means that people have more stable serotonin levels and are generally much happier. Sunlight can enter from the windows right through the room and for premises with windows on more than one wall the effect is even more marked, with natural light for all.

 One big happy team

Although with office glass partitions or dividers in place everyone has their own designated working area with a quieter less booming noise level and a degree of privacy for phone calls and better concentration, being able to see people working around you is known to increase productivity and application to a task. Sharing ideas and sudden thoughts with colleagues is quite difficult if you have to knock on a closed door to gain entry to an office but if it is easy to see if someone is engaged or not through a glass panel it makes for better communication across the team. Everyone knows each other so much better because there is no tendency for cliques to develop, as all offices are visible to all.


Everyone who has worked in an office knows that there is often a tendency for one person or a small group to be the ‘chatterbox’ of the office and their productivity is often much lower than that of co-workers. Not lazy in the accepted sense, they find it difficult to work in isolation and often feel a little cut off in a conventional office. This leads them to wander about looking for someone to talk to; usually, this is caused by a feeling that they don’t quite belong or even that they need constant reassurance that they are working properly. Office glass partitions virtually remove this problem for two reasons. Firstly, the office manager can easily see who is wandering about and wasting their own and others’ time.