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What Can You do on a MUGA Pitch?


When it comes to enjoying a diverse range of sports activities a MUGA pitch provides the perfect solution. Alongside of the benefits of durability and multi-usage, a MUGA pitch system needs very little maintenance and stays looking good even after extensive use. Whether your organisation has space issues or you just need a “one size fits all” option, MUGA’s are the way to go. With something so versatile it makes perfect sense to seek out a company that has the experience and expertise in both the design and installation of this innovative system.

One of the great things about these versatile systems is that they can be designed and installed with a primary use in mind. This is an important option to consider when deciding on court markings and the structural materials that need to be used. From highly durable synthetic turf to polymeric surface materials, there are plenty of options to choose from. For this reason, it should be stressed that the planning phase of any proposed installation should be considered nothing less than crucial to its success.

Macadam is estimated to be the prime material choice on roughly eighty percent of MUGA pitches that are installed as tennis courts at private residences, sports clubs, and educational facilities. Specialist surface options are also available for wheelchair sports and shock-pad layers can be installed to simulate natural shock absorption qualities. Through the use of porous macadam and innovative drainage, users are able to gain extended use from a MUGA pitch. Such usage, however, wouldn’t normally be available through conventional pitches during or following severe weather conditions such as heavy rainfall.

Installing a MUGA pitch is certain to extend benefits to both users and the organisations that opt to take advantage of this forward-thinking construction technology. One such benefit is that it only has to be installed once and is available whatever season of the year it is required. Whatever court or pitch sports you play or host, there is certain to be a MUGA pitch that is perfect for your requirements. From hockey 5s and five-a-side soccer to tennis, netball, and even cricket practice, a MUGA pitch offers a workable solution for them all.

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